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Vegetarian food in Europe

Raw, trendy and that gold highlights


A MUST DO for the spring, see those beautiful sakura make a pavement right outside

Cool Nordic style, a super cool concept in Antwerp

current  favourite

it's not just about coffee, travel and's more on the experiences



Simple a curation of my expeditions : COFFEE - TRAVEL and VEGETARIAN INDULGENCES from around the globe.

I love finding my variants ; someday that little cafe in a quaint lane or other days a specialty coffee bar, to those organico's or carefully crafted starred versions. Varies.  

Insta handle Koffiediaries is all about my personal experiences while the ‘.com’ will also extend to list validations from the tastefulness of those whose choices match mine!  So, all in all a resource to (slay !) and make selections easier than ever? (We hope it does, as much as ‘hand made with love’ it is).

The frames,  prettaaay pie, a good cup and some vegetarian souldfood remain the mystery drivers. 

My cute doses of a freshly turned pet lover ( thanks to my notorious little beagle) might not just be for my Insta....continue reading