For those who love reading books, or those who don't read still go there! Cool Nordic style, a super cool concept in Antwerp a coffeeshop and bookstore in one. Inspired by creative concept stores in big cities such as Berlin and New York, this fine little book store + specialty coffee bar sits bustling in ‘t Zuid, the new youthful part of the city. The tables adjoining the entrances are nice or the yellow mellow inviting inside welcomes you in a more creative fashion. The coffee comes from Normo while their cakes are homemade with something for vegans always! Wander through a good book store, order your cup and start already with the first pages of your newly bought book. Owned by a couple who follow their passion and serve only what they truly believe in : books, cooking and coffee or their belief for sustainable practises. You see that when you visit, whether it's pie they serve, or the books they offer. The love and thought for the planet is totally what we love love : the reusable cup concept here is just superb ; they encourage people to get their own cups in turn promoting sustainable practises and also rewarding them with 20cents waiver! The books here vary from coffee table books to classic and their favorite novels (Flemish & loads of English ones too) 

vegan brownie

reusable takeaway cups

the yellow mellow inside seating 

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Little outside the city center, BUT WAIT thats the beauty of it : sits in a beautiful Castle (yesss!) on the Rivierenhof that houses the Sterckshof silver museum of the Province of Antwerp. This place is big LOVE. Specially during spring, the sakura's sight is little less than heaven there. Surely, one of the most spectacular surroundings in Antwerp. Once you enter to get to the cafe, you pass these marvellous cherry blossom paved path which already gives you a splendd welcome.

You can come here with your bike and continue the journey inside the park with so many trails and stop here for a quick coffee break, or simple come here to lay away from the city life, facing the Castle garden oasis. There is great coffee, a reading corner still amidst the green oasis. Three of the four facades here consists of windows, so the light and views are always fantastic. Located in the the largest park in Antwerp, was started by entrepreneurs looking for an office for their fabrics company, but extended into this café (the former foyer of the Silver Museum) after seeing the sights ! Works wonders for us ;)

the surroundings, the views

Coffee from cuprus

cherry blossoms you see through

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Located in the fashion, creativity and life bustling areas in Antwerp, the zuid you choose to maybe spend dull afternoons here, or revive yourself in the sunny terrazza outside reading one of the million magazines you find here.


It's a coffee place no question about it and you sure have the perfect atmosphere for it. You can bite on something with a basic menu.  A nice slow place cafe to to sit down with a coffee/ book or whatever that works for you!

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magazine world

any cup is good cup

sit chill work



You are sure to be impressed with your first step inside this coffee bar, it is classy yet retro. I specially love their section of photographic art on the left walk when you enter. You talk vinyl here! Literally. Order a coffee and sit in the chic and retro space or go indoors to a jammed vinyl world sitting in the typical wooden boxes where you can search for your favorite vinyl's. Ofcourse, you will find a track playing while you see feel in the now and at the same time in the 80's ! Owner Lars Cosemans has been selling Vinyl's for years, but moved to the Volksstraat to be able to transfer his other two passions in addition to vinyl: art and coffee.  so, it is also an art gallery, hosting new exhibitions every month.

retro interiors

coffee from caffenation

location love

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Coffee in a cone? yes Antwerp has that too.  And club along the typical American breakfast dishes such as blueberry pancakes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches . Leave aside the classic espresso and latte, you also find Kopi Luwak , the world's most expensive coffee made from coffee beans were first eaten by the Luwak, (a Civet mammal) and then pooped out ;) The flesh on the outside is digested, but the coffee bean remains intact.beans in the droppings are collected by hand, washed thoroughly and then lightly roasted. Sounds ehhh absurd but it is the most sought after coffee after all ! 

Not only the menu interets you but also the interior of Texas Coffee is a suprise every few weeks. The interior changes every six weeks. The cooperation with interior store 'Rodendijk 18' is central and always results in a cozy, homely atmosphere.

The two variants of the world's finest coffee are still unique on the menu, two finest coffees : A solid cup of Death Wish Coffee contains almost 728 milligrams of caffeine . Biohazard is an even smoother version with almost 928 milligrams of caffeine per mug. In comparison, an ordinary cup of coffee contains between 80 and 150 milligrams of caffeine . Both coffees should therefore not be drunk by pregnant women and heart patients.

pretty drinks

gliteratti coffe

drink the coffee, eat the cone

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Next door to MAS Museum in 'Het Eilandje' : an area I personally love - all about the bridges, locks and docks. This recently opened coffee bar by Antwerpen Barista and also an avid popular instagrammer, Joke De Coninck is quiet interesting. Simple yet Quircky. Love for all that yellow & black. She knows her coffee well (ofcourse) and sells some really cool coffee bar themed cups as they say Caffeine stimulates creativity! The outdoor seating when the sunshines bright  Yellow and black predominate, except when the sun shines: then you crawl with your cup of coffee on the wooden benches / planters on the adjacent square.

the location 

check the mugs

the beats

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A coffee bar with a unique character on the corner of the Korte Koepoortstraat and the Oude Beurs in the heart of the old city, a few steps from the Grote Markt and the Groenplaats. they serve specialty coffee and delicious artisan pies in a vintage Vespa decor. At Tartoer Vespa bar its not only about coffee but you will find a Vespa, it's accessories and clothing. Oh, you can rent them here too! 

vespa's - duh

chocolade melk?

right in old town

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