Raw, trendy and that gold highlights. Scandinavian inspired coffee bar. The german owner and Barista Tim, also likes to keep the trendy German soft drinks, fritz-kola, Proviant and Club-Mate and that is pretty unique!                                                                                                                    I visited this place a while back during Antwerpen coffee week, cheering barista's during their latte art, yes all in all very good memories of this one! I had then discovered this as one of my 'to go', work place.                                                                                          Next to Permeke, city's main library and is not very far from the central station. I love how you can sit there for hours and work at your pace. They have cookies, pies and vegan brownies (that I adored). A must for workpreneurs. I hear their dried coffee berry tea is a must do as well

Latte art

Vegan Pancakes on Sundays

relaxed working

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Talk a lot on caffeineeads |Wandering the streets of Antwerp, came across this corner stylish wooden paneled structure. Vintage yet modern. It cannot pass by unnnoticed, you go inside to find a an equally justifying spacious, modern and cosy space.. yes, the charming wooden front step does count too. You find a couch for some sun bath, or a long open table for endless work looking through the window. The sunny terraces are a specialty here apart from the coffee. Creatives come and go throughtout the day, even weekdays are as vibrant. Fascinating enough is the mini coffee plantation on a counter.               Next door to the Royal musuem of arts.  

creative vibes

Mint it stays warm in the kettle 

Cinnamon rolls

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One drug. one nation. Yes, totally the brand mantra stands correct! Bringing specialty coffee to the Flemish capital. A favorite among coffee connoisseurs, this place has been changing the coffee scene of antwerp since over a decade. My personal favorite'st and where I have this special window which I occassionaly block by going the earliest on a Sunday. Whats so special ? Peeping to the Belgian architecture right across, the busy street, sun or rains just makes it picture perfect going. Buy or ask for a tip to buy coffee beans which are packed in bright funky colored labels.  The specialty concept by the belgian owner, Rob Berghmans was borne out of a desire for a game changer and it surely is, for more passionate coffeeans a visit to  their roastery in another cafe branch in Amsterdam. For amateurs like me, you start a coffee convo and they are happy toequip you with that caffeine'nation study.  Apart from the ‘real’ coffees, but, their ‘Malteser drink’ is your sure to do thing.

Maltesers milk

Coffee perfect picture

Koffiebook (guide for prof and amateur baristas)

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Coffee when in grote markt(old town) ? the café is right there, with a roastery next door they offer diverse roasts and some interesting coffee products. They believe in fair trade products, have decorated the place accordingly and have one thing I haven't come across yet (or not in this way): you can ofcourse order your normal cappuccino or a dip choose the type of coffee bean! 

choose your beans

get that coffee card for one cuppa free

coffee workshops

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Oldest coffee & tea bar in Antwerp. Three storeyed, with a very contemporary vibe. Perfect cup. Meanwhile you can spend time buying your beans (also tea) or just visually tempting yourself with all that the world of coffee/tea has to offer. Interestingly, they have a coffee flavour wheel! labeling the coffees to 6 diff colours, which are tasted by the team and then labeled to their respective flavour scheme. Next to the shopping street, perfect for workpreneurs

Coffee workshops

Vegan Sundays

Yummy pies

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A level up for relaxed creatives who love being cosy in their world or dig into their laptop's while sipping their cups. Normo is a coffee place and micro roastery in the student area of Antwerp with a laid back vibe that is so inviting. Love idealing my time, getting away from the hectic days and catching up on with some work to do's.


cappppp cappuccinooo

relaxed vibes

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In between your shopping sprees at Meir or visiting the Ruben's museum, you find this little café to take a break. Their beans are bought from caffenation and they have a little outdoor seating to be right on that Hopland street

a break from Meir

coffee from caffenatio

street views

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An ideal setting to meet my girls or simply dig into my brainstorming sessions. Good coffee with their own house blends does the trick.... and some side bites make it going for me. you chose between the chairs, some tables, some sofas, a low-cost wooden lounge. The super love is for their next level area, the terrace upstairs laid with artificial greens and raw woodens. Amidst the Belgian significant bricks in the old town buildings, this opens up for your summer doses from May to September (recently they have discontinued for sometime/forever). Maynot be the most striking when outside, when once inside you are overhwhelmed with the  creative environment to chill or work. There is breakfast, lunch and brunching options ( not checked their food menu so much but I hear they have fresh, seasonal menu's and something going on for vegetarians) 

coffee & cakes

that cuppa

heart of the city

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A hip hop coffee bar. Two top baristas who likeit  more fun, Dave and Paolo have come up with their own hip, relaxed coffee bar. Their smile and the skateboard on the wall describes exactly the feel they want to convey.  Take your time and complete all the work you need to, or sit with a friend on all the catching up on the terrace during those fine weather days....or hide inside the larger area in complete solace. Somewhere between Zuid and Centrum.  From selecting the beans to burning itself, every step is closely monitored. In short, for your daily  coffee cravings with those brunchy knick knacks. 

perfect for that sunny day

soy cappuccino


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