Specialty Bars & Digitalpreneur’s Work Spaces in Antwerp

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This Belgian cosmo-progressive port city is no doubt world renowned as a diamond capital, but caffeine heads ought to be here for some specific reasons!

Since centuries coffee has strong roots here, with the city shipping in coffee cargos from all over the world; offering the most exotic, rare kinds to bespoke blends, the little gem to everyone’s needs. Intriguing as it may seem, Antwerp competes with world’s fast paced cities when it comes to coffee! So, when it comes to specialty coffee bars it is no surprise that you find some really cool ones around the city.

I am on a constant look out for some relaxed spaces, sipping that well crafted adorned latte art cuppa while mostly on a brainstorming session. It was super hard choosing some of my favourite specialty bars, which are also synonymous with ‘the’ next door digi-nomads working spots. You can find some godly caffeine, a refuge to work in peace or an ideal place to pick more on that coffee expedition.

caffenation Antwerp

1. Caffènation

One drug. one nation. Yes, totally the brand mantra stands corrected! Bringing specialty coffee to the Flemish capital since over a decade. A favorite among coffee connoisseurs, this place changed the coffee scene of antwerp. My personal favorite’stt (if there could be a word like that) and where I have this special window, which I occasionally block by going the earliest on a Sunday. What is so special ? Peeping to the Belgian architecture right across, the busy street, sun or rains just makes it picture perfect going. You start a coffee conversation and they are happy equip you with that caffeine’nation study. Apart from the ‘real’ coffees, their ‘Malteser drink’ is drool worthy.

2. Kolonel Koffie

Vintage, yet modern. It cannot pass by unnoticed. Perfect spot to pop by, when walking on the streets or antwerp or exploring the Royal Museum of Arts. Their interiors are equally spacious, modern and cosy space. Yes, the charming wooden front step does count too. You can find a couch for some sun bath, or a long open table for those endless work hours. The sunny terraces are the ideal spot to sit on a warm day. Creatives come and go throughout the day, even weekdays are as vibrant.

3. Viggo’s

Raw, trendy and that gold highlights. Scandinavian inspired coffee bar. The owner and Barista Tim, is happy to make some bespoke latte art on request. He also likes to keep the trendy German soft drinks, fritz-kola, Proviant and Club-Mate and that is pretty unique! I love how you can sit there for hours and work at your pace. They have cookies, pies and vegan brownies (that I adored). Next to Permeke, city’s main library and is not very far from the central station.

4. Coffeelabs : Fosbury & Sons

My current major love is this co-working place by Fosbury & Sons. Not your typical casual coffee bars, but a beautifully designed workspace for creatives, digital nomads, entrepreneurs /freelancers; with multifaceted meeting room, an open space, event space and more. You walk into diverse stimulating environments in one: each has it’s own theme. One can sit and breakaway on their cosy Instagram worthy steps. Styled by a fusion of modern furnishings, natural materials and crafted objects. Of course, they know their coffee well too! Ideal workspace to get your creative juices flowing.

5. Normo

A level up for relaxed creatives who love cosy environments. A space where they can drifted into your own world or have the most productive afternoon while sipping their cups. Normo is a coffee bar and micro roastery in the student area of Antwerp; with a laid back vibe that is so inviting. Love spending my time here, getting away from the hectic days and catching up on with some work.

6. Butcher’s Coffee

A hip coffee bar. Two top baristas who like it more fun, Dave and Paolo have come up with their own chic, relaxed coffee bar. Their smile and the skateboard on the wall describes exactly the feel they want to convey. Take your time and complete all the work you need to, or sit with a friend and catching up on the terrace on sunny day; or hide inside the larger area for complete solace. From selecting the beans to roasting, every step is closely monitored. In short, for your daily coffee cravings, along with a selection of the best brunch snacks.

7. Cuperus

Oldest coffee & tea bar in Antwerp. Shop for the best coffee beans from around the world or devour a perfect cup of coffee in a cute, contemporary setting. Interestingly, they have a coffee flavoured wheel! Labeling the coffees to 6 different colours, which are tasted by the team and then labeled to their respective flavour scheme. Cuperus is located near the shopping street, perfect for workpreneurs.

8. Caffe Mundi

In search for some caffeine when in Grote Markt? Find Caffee Mundi right there, with a roastery next door. It’s a unique espressobar serving various roasted coffees from Cross Roast. Their standard coffees are noteworthy, however each month they introduce a new coffee. In addition they offer a diverse range of teas and desserts. They believe in fair trade products, have decorated the place in accordance. You can order your normal cappuccino or a dip while choosing the type of coffee bean. They offer a loyalty card : while after 10 cups, you get one complimentary!

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