Simple a curation of my expeditions - COFFEE - TRAVEL and VEGETARIAN INDULGENCES from around the globe.

A webstop where those who relate to my interests, can discover some finds for their current or future travels.

I love finding my variants ; someday that little cafe in a quaint lane or other days a specialty coffee bar, to those organico's or carefully crafted starred versions. Varies. Insta handle Koffiediaries is all about my personal experiences while the ‘.com’ extend to list validations from the tastefulness of those whose choices match mine!  So, all in all a resource to (slay !) and make selections easier than ever? (We hope it does, as much as ‘hand made with love’ it is). 

The frames,  prettaaay pie, a good cup and some vegetarian soul food remain the mystery drivers. 

My cute doses of a freshly turned pet lover (thanks to my notorious little beagle) might not just be for my Insta!


The love for the cup only grew after orbiting Europe. It started a little during my Master’s (between Italy + France) . Grew more when I moved to Belgium (to intern) and I was writing my thesis during weekends. I was constantly on a find for the perfect spaces to sometimes work or other times just renew myself with warm smiles while still new in the city. The passion grew, with the weather? the raw aesthetics? the visuals they serve, or just the perfect something each of these places behold for you...still finding my answers. Amongst my doubts, I am sure that my camera purely loves it!

The ‘.com’ starts with the city that is close to my heart and in the recent years has served the most important transitions in my life (found my other half and so much more…..) <3. Oh and how ! also started the ‘koffie’ bond : how the flemish call their 'koffie' is how all this began!


An (amateur) coffee enthusiast otherwise a full-time jewellery startupreneur . Indian in Antwerp-Belgium.




Everything that DEFINES major 'Koffiediaries' GOALS : COFFEE - TRAVEL and VEGETARIAN FOOD WHERABOUTS will be found here!



  • My personal curations

  • Suggests from my fellow traveller friends, family and those I love to get tasteful content from (goes without saying from their personal experiences)

  • List of blogs within my koffie parameters to turn to (big, small, popular, not so known….sooo               many good ones often unattened)


For those who love LONG STORIES : Why this amongst all that is already out there?

Living in Europe for over 4yrs +, I travel more often than I realise. Some personal travel goals apart from the must see places is also to visit the interesting/creative/innovative culinary/café spaces that city offers . Thanks to (mainly) insta and pinterest , the mesmerzing and yummilicious pictures I come across need to come to life!

I often find it challenging to choose my ‘to go’ place. It gets worse if it has to be chosen from a specific location (the case in majority of my short trips) as the choices narrow down further. I have usually found myself struggling on google and trying hard to switch between blogs, weblogs and then back to maps to look for it's location! No matter if my homework was done right before the trip, predictability of my ‘then’ location is seldom. Rightly concluded, my co-travellers : husband, friends ….often loose patience in the process!


I realised I needed a place with a little personal touch.  


While I scroll my socials daily and hear exciting stories from friends and family of 'that' interesting place and newbies (that I have not visited, but I find intriguing enough), a thought arises ‘so, why not curate the ones that fall under Koffiediaries' GOALS’? 


 ….and last but surely not the least : the ever inspiring and commendable work by the specialised blogs and amazing bloggers who put their whole and soul to curate content and carve that niche stuff, need a place to reach it all? Amongst the highly popular ones, there are also not so known ones too which have some really great content. 


Voila! is ALL about that…and more!